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Welcome Levels Liane-Samone this is a brief overview of what I do. Please read the policy page before booking, and contact me with any questions

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Makeup Matters! Its what made me get into Esthetics. I started when I was like 12 and I'm comfortable with all skin tones. Always double cleanse after your event. You don't want the makeup settling into your pores causing build up and break outs.




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Brazilian wax Indianapolis... Waxing lasts longer than ​shaving and chemical depilatories like Nair/Veet. It is a ​physical hair removal so it will not be completely ​painless. Do not exfoliate the day of. No Retinol ​product .5%+ or any harsh chemicals for 4 weeks before ​to avoid rawness.

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There's a New Lash Tech in ​Indianapolis! Book your ​favorite style of Lash ​Extensions or choose a ​Model Freestyle! A full set ​can take 2-3hrs and can ​last over 2 weeks - a month ​before needing a fill

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Looking for facials in Indianapolis, there are options. While each one is safe for all skin ​types, they do have different focuses. The "Nature Valley" Facial is gently aggressive with ​balancing the skin. If you're oily or dealing with blemishes and acne this is beneficial to ​you. It has a lot of natural components like almond milk, pumpkin enzyme and honey. The ​Caribbean Sun is a brightening facial, as it focuses on evening dark spots and features a ​Caviar Lime and Passionfruit mask. The Marshmallow Berry is a smoothie experience and ​it's perfect for hydrating dry areas. This facial offers an Australian berry medley and ​marshmallow mix to seal in extra moisture without the oiliness. Dermaplane Facials ​available after 1-2 sessions.

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Appointments should be booked at least 24hrs ​before start time and are Only confirmed once ​your forms have been filled out and deposit ​received. Make sure to include any allergies you ​may have.

Deposits go toward your total.

Discounts codes do not apply to ​Model services or Groupon ​Vouchers

All servers/ bartenders food ​industry workers receive 25% OFF


Model Services give me ​the chance to try new ​styles, or refresh ​myself, and may take ​longer than average. ​Check out different ​Memberships for other ​discounted sessions.

All deposites and ​payments are non -​refundable because I am ​transparent with things ​I'm new to and I offer " ​FIX IT " appointments ​within 48hr notice and ​rescheduling given a 24hr ​notice

Travel must be added ​before checkout. If ​local(20mins away) I ​charge $25. ​Commuting further is ​$50. "Stay the day" ​for up to 5 and a half ​hrs is $190

No call no shows will still be charged the full amount


Email :




This is a voice number please leave a ​message to be called back.

Text is also fine.

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